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DC Studios, It’s Time for Static Shock Movie

Hey there, all you DC fans! Remember Static? He’s that cool guy from the early-2000s show “Static Shock.” Bet you do! But guess what? DC Studios seems to have forgotten about him. Static Shock is this awesome character created by Dwayne McDuffie, Christopher Priest, Michael Davis, Derek T. Dingle, and Denys Cowan.

He first appeared almost 30 years ago in comics from a label owned by DC called Milestone Comics. In 2021, they brought Static Shock back with a fresh new story — sort of like hitting a restart button — they combined stories from his earlier comics and TV series.

You might have seen Virgil Hawkins, who is Static, make guest appearances in DC’s animated shows like “Young Justice.” But guess what’s missing? A real-life movie or show with him in it, unlike many of his superhero buddies.

It’s not like people aren’t interested in Static anymore. Just search on Google and you’ll see how many folks are hoping he gets another chance to shine. DC knows this, kinda. Back in 2020 at a thing called DC Fandome, they announced they were making an animated “Static Shock” movie.

They even said Phil LaMarr, who used to voice Virgil, would be back. That was three years ago! But after that big announcement, not much else happened.

If DC can’t even get their act together to put Static in a cartoon, how can we dream about seeing him in a big live-action movie like those superhero flicks James Gunn and Peter Safran are working on? Virgil would be a perfect fit for their movie style — doing something that those real-life DC movies haven’t quite nailed yet.

Static’s Most Remarkable Superpower: Being Totally Relatable

Let’s talk about Static’s awesome superpower, which is his ability to be relatable.

In case you haven’t heard about this electric hero yet, meet Virgil Hawkins. He’s a young Black teenager living in Dakota City, which is basically like Detroit in DC’s made-up world. Now, how did he become Static? Well, it all started with a series of accidents. He got exposed to something called Quantum Vapor, which is like a dangerous chemical gas.

This gas did something special to him and lots of others, creating a bunch of new metahumans. They call these folks the Bang Babies. And guess what? Virgil’s new superpower lets him control and use electricity in all sorts of cool ways. He uses these powers to keep his beloved city safe and sound.

Now, here’s the cool part. Virgil isn’t your typical young hero in the DC universe. You see, not many of us can really relate to someone like Robin, who’s basically an orphan gymnast raised by a super-rich guy who keeps to himself. But Virgil? He’s just like us in so many ways. He goes to school, deals with homework, argues with his sister and dad like a normal kid.

DC Studios, It's Time for Static Shock Movie

He’s a quick thinker and loves to crack jokes, but when it comes to romance, he’s a bit lost for words. He’s got a best friend who knows all his secrets, and he keeps those secrets hidden from everyone else. And, if we’re being honest, he’s still figuring out the whole vigilante thing.

Now, let’s compare him to another young hero, Jaime Reyes, who’s in the new “Blue Beetle” movie from the DC Universe. Sure, they might have some similarities. But here’s the thing: Virgil doesn’t have some crazy world-ending AI attached to him like Jaime does. I mean, seriously, Jaime’s suit is designed to do that kind of stuff! This actually makes Virgil even more down-to-earth and relatable as a hero.

You know, when we talk about awesome heroes, there’s someone who could totally be like DC’s version of Spider-Man.

Now, I get it, you might not have immediately thought about the Blue Beetle. Your mind might have wandered over to the Marvel world. There’s this other kid over there who’s all about being a hero, growing up, and going to school. He’s really attached to his city and the people in it. And boy, does he love to crack jokes! You’ve probably guessed it, we’re talking about Spider-Man. People who are fans of this friendly neighborhood wallcrawler, they’re crazy about anything he’s in. His personal brand is so strong that it’s like a magnet.

Here’s a cool thing: the person who helped create Static, McDuffie, actually thought of him as a bit like Peter Parker. You know, the whole balancing being a hero with everyday life kind of deal. And guess what? LaMarr, one of the people who worked on Static, noticed the connection to Spider-Man right away. He said something really interesting: “Virgil is what I always wanted as a comic book kid growing up: Black Spider-Man.” He felt like the character was someone he could relate to, like the artist lived in his own neighborhood. This character mixed things he loved as a comic fan with his experiences as a Black guy in the real world. Now, think about this: what if there was a well-made Black Spider-Man with proper attention from a studio? Imagine the success that could come from that!

Let’s talk about the world after Miles Morales showed up. He’s a newer superhero who totally rocked the box office and brought in a ton of people who wanted to see representation and a great story. So, it just makes sense to not ignore how much marketing power and cultural significance Static could bring, especially considering where we are now.

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Static: A Hero with Impressive Connections

Static keeps amazing company, from friends and foes to fans.

Hey there, let’s talk about Static and all the awesome people in his world. Now, while it’s super easy to think about Static like he’s connected to Spider-Man, trust me, Virgil is special all on his own. He totally deserves recognition, even without being directly linked to that famous web-slinger guy. If you head over to Twitter, you’ll see fans who just can’t stop talking about “Static Shock.”

They share all sorts of things about why they love him. You’ll find cool drawings where he’s hanging out with other heroes like Miles Morales, Jaime Reyes, and Peter Parker. But it’s not just that. People also share video clips from the original animated series that remind everyone why it’s so awesome.

In his stories, Virgil talks about things like fairness and treating everyone equally, and he does it in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone, no matter how old you are. Even his comics get into these important topics, going deeper into the stuff that matters. And when it comes to a live-action version of Static, you can bet it would take inspiration from all these sources.

But you know what? Static isn’t just here to teach us stuff. He’s also a really caring person, and that’s a big reason why fans adore him.

And let’s not forget about his awesome group of friends and helpers! As he goes on in his story, Static becomes part of a team called the Teen Titans. But even before that, he’s got his buddy Richard Foley (they call him Richie for short, played by Jason Marsden). Richie doesn’t have any special powers like Static does, but he’s still a hero.

He starts off as the one who helps from behind the scenes, kinda like Ganke for Miles Morales. Later on, though, he gets out there and fights crime right alongside Virgil. And guess what? He’s a bit of a tech whiz, making all sorts of cool gadgets. Oh, and don’t forget about Static’s biggest enemy, Ebon, also known as Evans (played by Gary Anthony Sturgis).

This guy is like a gang leader made out of darkness. Imagine if Peter Pan’s shadow went wild and turned into a bad guy! If they did this in a live-action movie, the special effects would be absolutely amazing, and it would bring a darker, more realistic feel to the DC Universe.

Just like Virgil, a Static Shock movie could do anything and everything!

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