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Killing It Season 2 Review: Delivers It All For a Perfect Comeback

“Killing It” Season 1 came out as a really funny show with snakes, guns, and surprises. There’s this guy named Brock who’s well-mannered but not very smart, and he’s trying to be famous online. And then there’s Craig and his friend Jillian, who live in a car on a billboard and talk about their American dream.

By the end of the first season, they won a contest by catching a snake that ate someone’s kid. But it might have been risky for Craig’s brother.

Now in the second season, Craig is famous and getting his picture taken for a magazine. But the photographer doesn’t know about what happened after the snake contest: the story of saw palmetto berries. In 2017, a company wanted to buy their berries, but their trailer office crashed.

Even though it’s not a great start, Craig still signs the deal and says, “No backsies,” meaning he won’t change his mind. They’re in business!

The rest of the season is about business and money. Craig and Jillian get their berries ready to sell, but the state says they can’t because of snails. These snails are a problem like the snakes before. The state checks all the berry farms, but it takes a long time.

So Craig takes berries from the Boones, their neighbours, even though it’s against the rules. The Boones want health insurance and kidnap Jillian to get it.

Craig’s brother Isaiah is back after running away. He figures out how to make Rodney happy by taking over Craig’s farm.

Craig and Jillian still work there but don’t make much money. Jillian gets a new car, a Kia, which she loves. Brock is having trouble with his YouTube audience, and Camille, who used to be married to Craig, is having a baby for a rich couple.

Basically, this season has ups and downs. It’s shorter, with only eight episodes, so it’s better. The characters are in a world where things keep changing, and it’s funny to watch.

Exploring Fresh Environments and Characters

There are new and exciting places to explore in “Killing It” Season 2. The show introduces us to different locations and new characters.

First, there’s the saw palmetto farm, but that’s just the start. We also get to see Carpets, a strip club owned by the Boones; Isaiah’s house in Arizona; various hotels; a party for Blythe and Tate who are helping with Camille’s pregnancy; and a party hosted by Rodney where he pays someone to fight a shark.

All these places are created by the production designer Claire Bennett and her team, and they feel real and unique.

Killing It Season 2 Review

And what’s even better is that the actors do an amazing job bringing the funny and challenging moments to life. We already know that Craig Robinson, Claudia O’Doherty, Rell Battle, and the others from Season 1 are fantastic, but there are new faces too.

Like Melanie Field, who plays Shayla, the silly employee of Craig and Jillian; Beck Bennett, who’s a government worker trying to close down their farm; and Dot-Marie Jones, who’s the head of the Boones.

The characters in “Killing It” might not be doing great in their lives, but the show itself is doing exceptionally well. It’s a super funny show that’s meant for grown-ups (it’s R-rated), and it’s quite unique in the comedy world.

These characters are all working hard in their own ways to make their dreams come true, even though some people with more money can sometimes get away with more unfair things. “Killing It” Season 2 brings up these ideas and more, all while making us laugh at how strange life can be.

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Comic Phrases in Killing It Season 2:

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems” is a phrase that fits well in “Killing It” Season 2. The first season was all about how Craig worked hard to get money for his dream. Now, in the second season, we see what happens when he starts being successful.

His friend Jillian is with him on this journey. While Jillian is generally kinder than Craig, he can be kinder than Rodney, which makes us wonder who’s really the difficult one in business.

As Craig keeps pushing ahead, things get more confusing. For example, when he agrees to get health insurance for the Boones, he has to let go of their office manager, Shayla. But Jillian doesn’t want to fire her, and she tries to find the money using her car, Mallory. She loves her car too much to give it up, so she finally does what Craig wanted from the start and fires Shayla.

On the other side, Craig is upset with the people who are willing to pay for Camille’s pregnancy. These folks are rich and spoiled, and they show their true colours when they run away from the police because of fraud. All these situations show us a lot about people who have a lot, people who don’t, and those in between.

I felt a connection to the Boones’ struggle to get health insurance, which was unexpected since they are kind of like bad guys. But wanting affordable healthcare is something everyone can relate to in America. You might connect with something else in the show, like Brock’s constant battle to make content for a big audience or Isaiah trying to make his life better.

There’s something for everyone to understand in this show. It’s talking about important stuff, but it’s not too serious or boring. It’s a show that’s for real life but still fun.

Pros Cons
– Presents a blend of sharp humour and meaningful commentary, providing viewers with laughter and substance. – Overabundance of party scenes within the season, which might detract from other narrative elements.
– Showcases outstanding performances across the entire cast, including guest stars, enhancing the show’s overall entertainment value. – The excessive focus on parties could potentially impact the pacing of the series and the exploration of other themes.
– Utilizes impressive and authentic settings that contribute to the depth and immersion of the show’s world.
– Maintains a well-crafted balance between comedic moments and addressing important societal issues.
– Engages the audience with a dynamic cast chemistry and impeccable comedic timing.

If you were reading till here to know the rating this season could garner then it would be a 9 on scale of 10. Pretty much good as it is rated.

You can watch all 8 episodes of “Killing It” Season 2 when they start on August 17th, on Peacock.

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