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New Amsterdam Season 6: Could Our Favourite Medical Drama Return?

If you are a fan of the TV show “New Amsterdam,” you might be wondering if the story is truly over. Even though the last episode of the medical show “New Amsterdam” aired in January 2023 after 89 episodes, there could be a chance the show might come back.

One of the main reasons “New Amsterdam” was cancelled is because fewer people were watching it. When the final episode aired, a lot fewer people watched compared to the first episode. NBC, the channel that aired the show, never really explained why they cancelled it so abruptly. But if the low number of viewers was the main reason, the show could make a comeback if more people start watching on streaming platforms.

Interestingly, a report from Deadline in mid-February 2023 showed that a lot of people were streaming “New Amsterdam.” It was the second most-watched show that week, with over 1.1 billion mins streamed during February thirteen and nineteen. This boost in people watching on streaming platforms could be the push that NBC or Netflix need to bring back the show for a sixth season.

The show’s producers think there’s more story to tell after the last episode of “New Amsterdam.” In an interview, they said they believe the show could have gone on for a few more years. They really like the characters and the stories they can tell. The show was doing well in its time slot and even on Netflix’s Top 10 list.

New Amsterdam

In the final episode, we see that Max Goodwin’s daughter Luna follows in his footsteps and becomes the director of the hospital. So, if the show comes back, they could continue her story or tell what happened before that time jump. So, there’s a lot of interest from the people who make the show, and they have ideas for new episodes. They just need a network or streaming service to say yes and give the green light.

So, even though “New Amsterdam” might have ended, there’s a chance it could come back if more people watch and the right people decide to make it happen.

The show’s popularity has been a roller coaster. While it started with a lot of viewers, especially for its debut episode, the number of people watching dropped over time. When the final episode aired, the viewership had gone down to about one-third of the people who watched the first episode. This drop in viewership is likely the main reason why the show got cancelled. However, the exact reasons behind NBC’s decision to cancel were never fully explained. It’s a bit of a mystery.

But here’s the exciting part: Even though the show was cancelled, it doesn’t mean it can’t come back. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become really popular ways to watch shows and movies. Sometimes, when a show gets added to a streaming platform, more people start watching it again. And that’s what happened with “New Amsterdam.”

New Amsterdam was 2nd Most Watched Show in Netflix:

A report from Deadline in February 2023 showed that a lot of people were streaming “New Amsterdam” on Nielsen’s streaming service. It was the second most-watched show for that week, with a huge 1.1 billion mins streamed during February thirteen and nineteen. This is a really big number and shows that people are still interested in the show, even after it ended.

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This increase in streaming viewership could be the thing that makes a new season happen. Maybe NBC or even Netflix could decide to bring the show back for a sixth season because of all the people watching it online.

The creators of the show, Peter Horton and David Schulner, believe there’s still more to recite in the story. In an interview, Peter Horton said he thinks the show could have continued for a few more years. He said, “There are still so many stories to tell and these characters are so interesting.” David Schulner, another executive producer, mentioned that the show was doing really well even when it ended. It was one of the top shows in its time slot, and it was also number three on Netflix’s Top 10 list for that week.

In the final episode, there’s a flash-forward scene that shows Max Goodwin’s daughter Luna taking over as the director of the hospital. This gives us a hint that there could be more to explore in the story. They could either focus on Luna’s journey or fill in the time between the final episode and the flash-forward.

Both the series creators and the fans are excited about the possibility of more “New Amsterdam.” It’s a show that had a strong impact and still has a big fan base. Now, all it needs is the green light from a network or streaming service. So, even though “New Amsterdam” ended, the story might not be over just yet.

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