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Sanditon Stars Tease Possible Return for Christmas Special

Sanditon Stars Tease Possible Return for Christmas Special

Great news for all the Sanditon fans out there! The stars of the show, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Sophie Winkleman, and Emma Fielding, have dropped hints about the possibility of a Christmas special. Even though the period drama bid farewell with its season three finale, the cast members are not ruling out the idea of a festive episode in the future.

Ben, who brings Alexander Colbourne to life on screen, was quick to express his interest in coming back for a holiday special. He shared, “Never say never, and I would be really curious to see how that Christmas special would play out. If it meant reuniting with the amazing cast, I’d definitely be up for it.” In an exclusive chat with a famous online blog HELLO!, the 35-year-old actor left us with a spark of hope for more Sanditon magic.

Sophie, who charms the audience as Lady Susan, echoed Ben’s sentiment. She enthusiastically mentioned, “Count me in! I absolutely adored working with everyone. From the beginning till the end, the whole experience was like a delightful treat. I’m definitely on board.” It’s heartening to hear that Sophie would gladly step back into her character’s shoes and bring Lady Susan to life once more.

Adding to the excitement is Emma Fielding, who joined the Sanditon family in season three as Lady Montrose. With a touch of humor, Emma shared, “I’d say, never rule it out. I can’t quite figure out where my character would fit, but who knows, she might just be lurking in the background, a bit cross about something.” Emma’s playful take on the possibility of her character’s return adds to the intrigue.

If you recall, last year brought the news that season three would mark the end of the road for Charlotte Heywood and the rest of the Sanditon residents. But here’s something that’s making fans super excited: the possibility of a Christmas special is still on the table. There’s a chance that we might get to see our beloved characters in action again, even if it’s just for a special holiday treat. It’s like holding onto a little spark of hope that’s shining bright!


So, while the conclusion of Sanditon might have brought a hint of sadness, the stars’ enthusiasm for a special holiday episode brings a dash of excitement for what could lie ahead. Fingers crossed for more Sanditon adventures in the future!

Masterpiece PBS Shares Exciting News

Something really cool happened in December 2022! Masterpiece PBS, the people who bring us awesome shows, told us some great news. Susanne Simpson, who is like the boss of Masterpiece, said something amazing. She mentioned, “Sanditon has been a super special series for Masterpiece, and we know that it has made its way into the hearts of so many fans. While it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to the series, we’re also excited because there’s a new season to look forward to!”

Did you know that they filmed series two and three one after the other, just like two chapters of a book? This happened between July and December in 2021. What’s interesting is that the actors and actresses didn’t know this would be their last time working on the show. Ben, who’s part of the cast, shared a secret with one famous online magazine! He said, “Honestly, when we were on set, nobody was 100% sure if this was really the end.”

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But you know what? Sometimes it’s a good thing to think that something is ending. It helps us wrap things up nicely and not leave any loose ends. Ben explained, “For various reasons, all of them good and positive, it’s really cool that we could finish the series knowing it’s the end. We didn’t have to leave any stories unfinished or keep people waiting.”

Sanditon Season 3

Now, let’s talk about season three of “Sanditon.” Imagine the main character, Charlotte, played by Rose Williams, coming back to the pretty seaside place. She brings along her new fiancé, Ralph Starling, played by Cai Brigden. You know what’s interesting? They got engaged at the end of season two, and now they’re taking the next step in their story.

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Here’s where things get a bit juicy. When Charlotte returns to Sanditon for her friend Georgiana Lamb’s 21st birthday, things get a little awkward. She meets Alexander Colbourne, her old boss, again. And guess what? Old feelings start coming back!

But that’s not all. Georgiana has her own adventure too. She faces a big challenge, and it’s not all fun and games. But you know what’s cool? She finds help from people she least expected. And through all these ups and downs, Charlotte and Georgiana become even closer. They become closer by sharing their challenges and their strong desire to create their own journeys in life.

And guess what’s really awesome? You can catch all the thrilling events of season three by streaming it on ITVX. So, if you’re up for more exciting “Sanditon” escapades, along with all the suspense and enjoyment they bring, don’t wait! Dive right in and give it a watch!

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